About Us

STANDARD SERVICES started with a simple vision: to provide homeowners the confidence they deserve that their largest investment is protected. Whether big or small, STANDARD SERVICES provides protection to your home's most important appliances and equipment. 

STANDARD SERVICES is also a one stop shop offering home remodel solutions and all  Renovation materials at an affordable cost for your project. We know that getting good quality products is always daunting, so here we provide an all-in one solution for all your  home renovation needs.

Furthermore, we can also offer the Installation and other services that fits your budget. As a company, we strive to manage your project within schedule from start to finish, we do so by focusing on specified budget and delivering with top-notch quality.

We also understand the ability to purchase outside your budget while renovating can be very TIGHT, this is why STANDARD SERVICES Provides financing options at reasonable rates to help with contingency planning. 


Unfortunately, breakdowns happens when you least expect it. Repairs can be costly, time consuming and stressful: finding the right contractor, choosing the right equipment, scheduling time to be home. STANDARD SERVICES  eliminates these problems. We protect your home so you can get back to what’s important to you.  

We Take Care of Our Team So They Can Take Care of You.

We treat our team like family. You always get a dedicated, knowledgeable and – above all else – passionate team member who is eager to serve you. 


  1. Fastest growing Home Improvement Company in Canada – We must be doing something right.
  2. 24-7-365 customer support.
  3. Largest service area: Ottawa to Windsor, Thunder Bay to Fort Severn.
  4. What you see is what you get – no small print, hidden tricks or gimmicks.
  5. No age restrictions – all your appliances can be protected.
  6. Family owned and operated by Canadian born homeowners who really, truly care